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歷年來在指揮、團長和團員們齊心合力、辛勤耕耘下,明德 合唱曾多次舉辦演唱會,並在「大費城明德文教協會」的社區服務活動中扮演了不可或缺的角色,於安老院、園遊會和多元文化節慶中演出;也曾與新澤西州的「華聲合唱團」、德拉瓦州的「知音合唱團」同台。明德合唱團1995年於紐約參加抗戰勝利五十周年音樂會,同年積極參與並組織「費城華埠一百二十五年紀念音樂會」;2009年部分團員在費城天普大學 「全球化音樂會」的演出和2013年四月在西徹斯特受邀參加「馬思聰百年誕辰紀念音樂會」都在團員合唱之途留下難忘的經驗。


Ming-De Chorus was established in 1988 under the auspice of Main Line Chinese School (now, Ming-De Main Line Chinese School)).  Over the years and under the tutelage of various conductors, Ming-De Chorus has frequently performed alone in choral concerts and participated in community service events, multicultural festivals and numerous Chinese New Year celebrations.  Additionally, in 1995, along with other Chinese choruses from the East Coast, Ming-De Chorus performed in a concert in New York City commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Resistance War against Japan. The same year, the Chorus actively participated in a joint concert celebrating the 125th anniversary of Philadelphia’s Chinatown. In 2009, chorus members took part in Temple University’s Celebration of Globalization Concert and in year 2013, Ming-De Chorus was invited to perform at “Ma Sicong Centennial Celebration Concert” at West Chester University.

The mission of Ming-De Chorus is not only to preserve Chinese musical tradition and to enrich cultural and social activities for local Chinese communities, but also to promote better understanding between Chinese and other ethnic groups in the community. Under the guidance of current Conductor Rujing Chang, Ming-De Chorus now has an even more diversified repertoire including Western religious pieces, pop songs and Broadway classics along with Chinese choral music. We are looking for singers who love music to sing together. We also appreciate your donors and sponsors. Please contact Lu Ping at pinglu123@gmail.com